A List of our Trips to Outback Australia

For 2019 we are offering the following trips

  • Mungo to the Ridgean easy introduction to remote travel on sealed & unsealed roads & tracks.
  • The KimberleyWe are currently planning the route and tours along a spectacular region of Australia.
  • Dinosaur Trail – A trip back in time to the Prehistoric Era with some of the world’s great fossils.

Whilst we are still planning dates for the trips below, we will offer them earlier should sufficient interest be shown.

    • ‘Ville to the Hill  A trip through legendary towns of western Qld to the beauty of Lawn Hill NP planned for in 2020
    • Warrumbungles A world of  ancient volcanoes and local trails. (Trip being Planned)
    • Trans AustraliaExperience remote travel to some of the most spectacular sights that our country can offer.(Trip being Planned)
    • Savannah Way – Australia’s Adventure Drive, Cairns to Broome.(Under Review)
    • The Cape Trip – A tropical adventure to the top of mainland Australia.(Under Review)