A List of our Trips to Outback Australia

For 2018 we are offering the following trips

  • Mungo to the Ridgean easy introduction to remote travel on sealed & unsealed roads & tracks.
  • Dinosaur Trail – A trip back in time to the Prehistoric Era with some of the world’s great fossils.
  • Whilst we are still planning dates for the trips below, we will offer them earlier should sufficient interest be shown.
  • Warrumbungles A world of  ancient volcanoes and local trails. (Trip being Planned)
  • Trans AustraliaExperience remote travel to some of the most spectacular sights that our country can offer.(Trip being Planned)
  • Savannah Way – Australia’s Adventure Drive, Cairns to Broome.(Under Review)
  • The Cape Trip – A tropical adventure to the top of mainland Australia.(Under Review)